Pedal Markings Extend to wrong note/meause

• Nov 22, 2020 - 16:51

Having issues with pedal markings on certain note pairings not ending on the second note selected with the Ctrl-Click as is usual for adding lines. The pedal marking should and does start on beat 1 of measure 25 and should end on beat 4 of the same measure. This is the info displayed for each note in the lower left of the screen. The attached image shows that after the line is added, selecting the line shows the info for the pedal marking to end instead on beat 1.5 of measure 30 as the line extends for several extra measures. The type of pedal line chosen did not change the behavior in selecting the (same) incorrect endpoint. Much of the other markings perform okay.

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This is the musescore file with the errant marking at measure 25/30. Also if you look at the second pedal line on the score starting in measure 2, the line is notated to end on measure 2, beat 6.667 which is the last note in the measure but the layout shows it correctly ending at the second cord on the base staff at beat 4 where there is a legato pedal marking to start the next line. In this case graphical is correct but somewhat flakey identification of the parameters associated with the line.

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Do I understand correctly? In version 3.5.0, which you are using, the pedal looks like it is applied to only m 25 but reports it extends to m30? And you applied it by clicking beat 1 and ctrl+click the last note in the measure and applied this pedal line?

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I believe you stated it correctly. I selected the first dotted quarter note in the lower staff, then Ctrl + Clicked the next note. Then I went to the pallete and clicked on the l____/ pedal line selection and the system applied it well beyond the second selected note. If you try this in measure 31, which I have not included in the uploaded file, it works correctly and most cases it does so. I also noted an issue with reporting the ending of the pedal line in the information block at bottom left of screen for measure two although that was graphically correct. That one ended on beat 4 graphically but the feedback info when the line is selected says ending on beat 6.667. I have to assume a related issue is in play but the displayed results are different.

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If it works okay. But my complaint is that the standard method for adding a line did not work and if failed in a very strange way in that it completely miscalculated the ending even though the note identifies as being on the correct beat of the measure. So that is a bug.

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So here are alternates after reading Shoichi replay.
1. select the eighth rests in voice one using select and Ctrl + Click: works correctly.
2. select the same but use Ctrl + shift (one the second rest) and works correctly.
3. using voice two, select the second dotted cord with Ctrl + Click and the pedal line ends between that cord and the end of measure (says beat 6) which I suspect is just before the final voice one cord.
4. the same problem as noted originally if the second chord in voice two is selected with Ctrl + Click...extends to measure 30.

Something is messed up in figuring out the ending beat.

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