Videoscore and files created on-line

• Nov 30, 2020 - 14:05

I uploaded a file and shared the link with several people so that they could follow the videoscore. This works perfectly.
If I make changes to my local Musescore file and then upload it, it seems to change the link and I have to share the new link again with people. Is there any way of amending a score so that the original link points to the updated score.
I must admit I'm fairly new to doing this so may have got it all wrong.


When updating a score by saving it online, you need to be sure that the Source field in MuseScore's Score Properties contains the correct URL. Look in File > Score Properties > Source - if that Source field is empty, you will simply create a different new file online when you try to update.

You can get the required URL from the Share button when viewing the original score online, but recently there is a suffix which you have get rid of when doing the copy-paste: ?share=copy_link is the bit to discard.

To be clear: if you use Save Online from within MuseScore when you first upload the score, this automatically sets the appropriate field in Score Properties, so future uses of Save Online should simply update the existing score. But if your initial upload wasn't done from within MuseScore but instead via the website, then you'd have to copy the URL to Score Properties yourself. After that it should work just as if you had used Save Online to begin with.

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