Playback of offset-dynamics messed up in web-interface ?

• Dec 2, 2020 - 17:41
bar 47, the trill is not played, only upper note.

In general I noticed I find myself converting all velocity to absolute (user), since relative seems messed up in the web interface, it never matches the one I playback at home.
In bar 47 here even using user velocity (absolute) did not rescue the problem. Half the trill is not played (the lower note).

Also if you change dynamics from offset to user and back to offset, there are cases where the values are not the same anymore?
Some bug in the offset calculation ? It seems the absolute velocity shown in piano roll does not reflect the one played out...

Anyone who has tips on what is going on ?
Thanks in advance,


It does play for me.
Score got last saved with MuseScore 3.4.2, update to 3.5.2

BTW, while a negative offset setting makes the volume go down (by that value from the current default), a negative user setting makes it silent, as that sets absolute values, 0-127

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Thanks Jojo,
I understand my musescore is older, but if you play it from the web interface that measures trill is not played by the website synthesizer. My PC instead does play it from the old Musescore executable...

About offsets, I can say that anything with Piano-Roll absolute velocity less than 32 is silent in the web synthesizer, but that is another story.
I will update to the new version though.

Ideally If I knew how to make a plugin, I would like to make one plugin that converts all offset velocity to the corresponding user velocity according to the current dynamic levels (so user = absolute as shown in piano roll view 'Velocity Absolute'). That way the chance to playback correctly increases..

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