Adding lyrics adds a note

• Dec 3, 2020 - 01:40

When I use ctrl K to add lyrics, a note (or more) will be added. It's not added to the notation, only to playback. How do I stop this?

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ctrl+k doesn't add lyrics, it adds chords. Use ctrl+L to add lyrics. FYI, chords now playback and they are sounded when you add them like notes unless you disable the option in preferences.

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A note is needed to add a chord symbol. You highlight the note and then press ctrl-k and you can then enter a chord name. However a note is then getting added to the playback. It is not added to the notation. So the melody playback is wrecked by another note being played that has not been added by me. It is a problem. I am not asking how to enter a lyric under the system. Please stop focussing on lyrics and instead focus on the problem that I have specified.

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I t seems you should just answer the question. Because, as I have already said, I am not asking how to enter lyrics, I am asking how to stop a sound being made when I enter a chord symbol. Someone has already answered that. Now go back to your Facebook trolling

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Now why would people assume you're trying to enter lyrics?
Just have a look at this quote from your opening post:
"When I use ctrl K to add lyrics"

Yes, not obvious at all as to why people think your trying to enter lyrics. I guess it'll remain one of life's big mysteries...

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