Corrupted file help

• Dec 4, 2020 - 13:11

Fixed! Thanks everyone, don't know how to delete this now


Start by updating to 3.5.2 instead of the 3.5.0 you're currently using.

It also doesn't report any errors on the score you've attached here. Bar 59 is indeed shorter that the indicated time signature, but not in a corrupted way apparently.

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Ok I'm updating now and thanks for your speedy response. Upon opening the project I'm told that the file is corrupted with the message I put in my original post so something definitely seems to be wrong. Even when I delete all rests and try and enter a whole note it then spills over into the next bar, it's really messed up. How do you think I could fix it?

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I wish mine was the same
If you use 3.5.2 there is no corruption reported.

It looks like you must have pressed ctrl+delete rather than just delete to remove a 16th rest at some point and shortened the measure. 3.5.0 thought this was a corruption for some reason but 3.5.2 recognizes it's just a shortened measure, which is perfectly legal and sometimes acceptable.

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Yep after updating it doesn't report it as corrupted. This solved the issue of it appearing to be corrupted but really it was my own fault for using cmd+delete and messing up the measures. Managed to delete the measure as I previously mentioned so it's all fixed now. Had a panic though lol

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