Problems loading MS on chromebook

• Dec 4, 2020 - 21:04

New chromebook Chr OS 86, new to chrome and linux, have followed the help as given, but chmod does nothing. downloaded applmage in downloads file, copied to linux files, see the app in both, open terminal and type in chmod +x Mu (tab) hit enter and... nothing. skips to next line waiting for a command. I have updated and upgraded everything I can see or is suggested in help guides. what gives...this is not easy or simple. HELP, any thoughts?


tried just now using info from load on linux cd ~/downloads or cd ~/linux files tells me no such files or directory, yet both are there with the applmage file in them

Maybe I'm missing something, but if you hit Enter after typing the command, and it goes to the next tine and displays the command prompt, that means it worked. nothing else visible was supposed to happen.

But FWIW, I have implemented for my own use a simpler (I think) method of installation on Chromebook, see:…

Feel free to give feedback. If I hear from people that they find this works better for them, I can update the official instructions on this site as well.

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Thanks for responding. Your comment made me rethink things. Since the following command did not work I thought the problem was chmod. I finally figured out what you may meant and install libvor &libnss. Still nothing. I restarted and yes got MS to load in terminal. [Marc, if help files/vids are really for those who are not aware of the processes, it would be nice for a hint as to what to expect after each command and an alternative for proceeding. Yes, a little more work up front, but none of these foolish questions later. And you may is not helpful without an explanation . It is Not obvious for us not use to the processes.] My first attempt to install MS did not work as clumsy fingers misspelled install. I just got a bunch of jibberish and it refused to give back the command line. I shut down as frustration has been high throughout this whole process. (I tried 4 days on and of before my post.) I will clear this thread when I get MS installed. THANKS AGAIN for your help!! Heres hoping!!!

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To answer your question, I did not see anything about needing files. As I sort of remember it was something about being a directory or no such file? Which ever gave me no hints...why I offered what I did. I had started the process so I wanted to finish it if I could. If by monday I had not gotten any further I was going to try something new. Your alt. was on my list. Sorry, I did get it this way, thanks to your comment. Thanks again for the help!

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