trying to write a score for classical guitar

• Dec 5, 2020 - 07:32

So I'm trying to write a score for Classical Guitar not using tab since I hate tab and can read music. I'm attempting to take a song that I have that is the melody written out in notation with chords and build a single sheet of music with just notation. How do I get it to work so I can write the harmony in that is different notes than the melody? I really don't want to have to write it out long hand on blank staff paper.


I would add a linked staff to a classical guitar staff and make the linked guitar tablature. I would then enter the notes on the standard staff and the tablature will automatically populate. You can then change strings on chords that are impossible (like put fingers on frets 2 & 17). I don't play guitar so I use this as a guide to me so I know if I've written something impossible.

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