Some lines with Staff and Guitar Tab , some lines without the TAB staff.

• Dec 6, 2020 - 04:10

Hello and Thank you in advance,

When Notating for a song I would like to have let's say the Into 4 bars shown as a staff with a linked guitar Tab below it.
Then, as the Verse, lets say it's Rythm only and I would like to not have the TAB staff showing.

Yes, I can go into measure properties and HIde the TAB staff, the problem is that it's still there but just not visible it, therefore, creates a huge gap between that line of bars and the next line of bars below.

I can also go into Style and Tick Hide empty measures, this doesn't work either because the second I put a note in the standard staff the TAB staff reappears.

I kind of need to write the intro, Have it as a separate piece then move forward to a new line without the guitar TAB instrument being present.

I've attached a screenshot Muse score jpg.jpg to help explain, I,m kInd Of Hoping that it all makes sense.
Once again Thank you in advance.

Kind Regards

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You need to add the tab staff using "Add staff" rather than "Add linked staff" so they will have some independence. This means you will need to copy the notes from the standard staff and paste them into the measures where you want tablature to be displayed. You can then use Hide empty staves in the style dialog to hide empty tablature staves.

Hi all,
and, thank you in advance.
In line with the original Forum topic here, I wonder if anybody knows how I can get rid of the Numberv 8 that sits below the treble clef? (see original attached illustration)

I can not link a normal travel clef( ie without the 8) with a Guitar Tab where by placing a note on the staff adds a corresponding string and fret position on the Tab. I can only link the treble clef with the 8 staff together with the guitar tab staff.

When I copy and paste music that's been written into a staff without the 8 on the treble clef the music copies in but at an octave below.

Please can anybody offer assistance???, If I haven't explained my question well enough I will be happy to add more information.

Kind Regards

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Thank you Wolfgan and mostly Jojo who always replies promptly extra thanks,,

Ive finally worked it through and typed up a set of steps for those that are also following.

1) Open New Score,
2) Fill in Tittle composer, etc, then select NEXT
3) NB: When it asks for Templates press NEXT. IE) DO NOT SELECT A TEMPLATE , press next to proceed next option, (Do Nothing here)
4) Select Top TAB all instruments.
5) Select Strings Plucked
6) Select Guitar (Treble Clef) (lots and lots of options, Choose Guitar (treble Clef)
7) Select ADD (to the right)
8) Click on Staff 1
10) On that New Linked Staff which will also read Staff 1 Click STANDARD (to the right) to get drop down menu
11) From drop down menu choose your TAB , (TAB 6-STR Simple)
12) Click Next
13) Proceed as Normal to finish then Staff and Tab will be linked without the 8.

Good Night

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This took me hours to sort out, I have just tried to create a new score and with the latest musescore update, I am back to square 1.
I appreciate the update but for me, I don't see any advantages in it. Could somebody tell me if I can simply go back to the old version of musescore???
Thanks in advance
EDIT: I have found a way to get my original problem sorted on the updated version. But the question remains can I download the old version of musescore??

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