Collapsing staves into a piano score

• Dec 9, 2020 - 18:35

I have a long score (the result of four layered improvisations). I would like to try to collapse them into a single piano staff. Is that possible? When I selected everything and tried Implode, it only worked in a few spots.

This is with version 3.5.2 on a Mac.


From a complex score it might be possible to do this. You say you have a four layered improvisation, I'm guessing that means 4 single note, single staff instruments. If that's the case, the I suggest that you order them from Highest pitch in general to lowest. Press i to open the instruments dialog if you need to do this. While you there, add a piano.

Decide which instruments you want on the top staff. Select everything in those instruments and implode. All of the notes will now be on the top selected staff. If you want similar rhythms to be turned into chords, select this entire staff and implode again. You will then likely have a mix of multi voice rhythms and chords on this instrument. You can now copy this to the top staff of the piano.

Select all of the instrument you want on the bottom piano staff and repeat the process pasting the results to the bottom piano staff.

This won't give you perfection but will give you a decent starting point to make it playable and logical for a pianist.

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Thanks. I hope to try these this evening.

Looking at it, I'll probably have to do significant editing by hand. I have a habit of letting go of notes a little too late in legato passages. They overlap with the next note and cause what should be a single line to appear as two voices. MuseScore transcribes what I actually played quite accurately, but not what I meant :-)

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Implode only merges identical rhythms in the different voices. You want to move the voice 2 notes to voice 1. Do this by selecting all of those notes and pressing ctrl+alt+1 and they will move to voice 1 because nothing else is there. You will need to delete the voice 2 rests that will be left though.

Once I wrote a plug-in for collecting the parts of the choir in the clavier. For version 2. If needed, I can rewrite for 3.
The plugin can copy up to 4 staves to one staff. In different voices ... Only the first voice is copied.

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Implode in version 3 puts up to 4 imploded staves into up to 4 voices on the top staff. That's the reason for the second implode step with the top staff selected. This combines like rhythms. Your plugin was useful in version 2 but not very necessary in version 3 IMHO unless it does something I'm not thinking of.

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