Die Walküre, Act III Scene I- complete!

• Dec 22, 2020 - 17:11

The score for the complete scene is too large to upload to MuseScore.com (the limit seems to be between 1000kB and 1200kB), so I am providing the score for the complete scene attached to this forum topic.

As split into two parts on MuseScore.com please see here:
(This version was slightly revised from my original upload to provide forward continuity as I continue to work on the rest of Act III.)

and here:

IMSLP45497 was the primary source and the pagination of my transcription matches it exactly.
IMSLP341993 was used to provide the English and French lyrics, and as a check when errors were suspected or noticed in IMSLP45497.
I make no claims to making no mistakes, and if anyone notices any I would appreciate the correction.
Act III Scene II is in progress and will (hopefully) be done around mid-2021.
Many thanks to all the forum members who provided assistance!

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I didn't take a detailed look at this until now. It seems you may have made a transcribing error. See Trabspose for a discussion. If you are aware of this notation and chose to make it look correct but play some notes an octave low, that is a perfectly valid decision. If you want to fix it there are instructions in the link.

This score perfectly shows where MuseScore still needs to improve performance: playback on my Core2Duo laptop is laggy in many places and even aborts multiple times throughout the piece; at least part of this is definitely because someone had the great (hah) idea to split rendermidi into chunks instead of doing the whole piece at one time (which is also needed for proper collision detection and handling).

You can reduce the size of the file by removing the 600 kB title picture (or ahem compromising ahem on quality with it)… even losslessly, jpegoptim -s --all-progessive reduces it to 560 kB already, resaving in GIMP with 80% quality (and no tags, colour profile, etc.) gets it down to 415 kB… 70% 329 kB, which might just be enough to bump you to the threshold musescore.com needs (removing the thumbnail from the .mscz container before uploading (this can only be done by manipulating the PKZIP container manually, not from within the software) shaves off another 30 kB, and while it probably wouldn’t save much, removing optional whitespace from the .mscx inside the container could also save some).

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This is a laptop, newer models have massively worse ergonomy and it’s fully sufficient for all my needs given I don’t use those proprietary high-blingbling operating systems or desktop environments.

Resource waste is never okay though, and if this makes it easier to see it…

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I already tried completely deleting the title page picture, it wasn’t enough to allow the .com website to accept it.
I emailed the .com site to find out what the actual size limit was. They declined to answer the question directly, other than to acknowledge that there is a size limit. They also offered to split the score into smaller pieces for me but I decided to do that myself.
No problems with audio playback at my end, but all of my systems are pretty robust.

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