Need to open 3.5 but opens 3.6

• Dec 23, 2020 - 10:17

Hi. I downloaded 3.6 to have a look but I need to work on 3.5. The problem is that now if I click on a score it starts 3.6 and I can't open 3.5 by itself because of this bug that makes it crash unless you open it from a score.
Any workaround possible to solve this (other than uninstall 3.6)?


Reg. the crash see

3.6 (Beta!) should not register itself for mscz files when you install it, if it is now, it must have been something you did, I guess?

So yes, uninstall 3.6 Beta, repair the 3.5 installation and installing 3.6 Beta again should fix this.
Actually just repair the 3.5 installation should do.

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MuseScore3.exe indeed is the name for all MuseScore 3.x versions, but the Beta doesn't register itself for mscz files, so by default on double-clicking an mscz file the released version (here 3.5.2) should start.
Unless you told Windows to always use the 3.6 exe for this.

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what you describe is the normal way beta-vesions of musescore act.
But this time (and it seems not only for me) this is not like this.
after installing the beta the first time i wanted to open a musicxml-file + a midi file they opened automaticly with the beta.version (the musescore-files opened correctly)

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I tested this on a midi and musicxml file and my default programs still open when I double click them. I don't have musescore as the default for either of them. This tells me that MuseScore 3.6 beta did not change the default score to open the files with.

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I always had the :open always menu for xml+ midi set to musescore and didnt change it before installing ms3.6
as said above I saved the problem with changing the name of the exe from ms 3.6
I only wanted to inform about an issue close related to the first one above

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