Supported text fonts for uploaded scores?

• Dec 27, 2020 - 17:40

I just uploaded my first score - not to publish it but to use it with my MS-Songbook-App on my android device.
Since it was a Christmas Carol I used a calligraphy font when I created the score. But when I opened the uploaded file the font was changed to something ordinary like Arial or similar.
I guess there must be more fonts that are supported, but which? Is there a list? And where can I find it?
Thanks in advance, :)


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Thank you for that link.

I have a multi-boot computer with Windows and Linux/Debian. I have MuseScore installed under both and I had noticed that the fonts changed when changing between Windows and Linux/Debian. I knew what caused it, but now I know it's better to use FreeSans/FreeSerif. :-)

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