Breath mark keybind

• Dec 29, 2020 - 01:34

Hello all.

I have found myself wanting to add breath marks in my music scores. Is there a key bind in Musescore that has already been implemented? I have dug through the Musescore preferences multiple times but have not found the command.

If this is not already in musescore, is it possible that it could be added in a future update?

Thank you for your time.


There isn't a shortcut for this at the moment but I'm hopeful that users will be permitted to assign shortcuts to all palette items sometime in the future. You didn't make it clear if you know, but there is a breath and pauses palette that allows you to enter a breath mark.

There is none specific for a breath mark, but if your flow is really now all about quickly adding them once everything else has already been entered, then consider the following:
You can assign a shortcut to "apply selected palette element". In that flow you then use the palette to add the first breath mark, then navigate to where you want the next one and use the shortcut from then on.

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