Window should be maximized by default

• Dec 30, 2020 - 10:03

When launching Musescore, the screen should be maximized by default. At the moment, I have to click to maximize it.


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Yes, I frequently have a spreadsheet 2/3 width and a browser 1/3 width when learning languages. I also have MS 3/5 width and a PDF viewer 2/5 width when transcribing music. Window size is a part of the OS and handled in a common manner across applications.

Isn't it so, that MuseScore starts with the settings of the last session? For me it works, and sometimes I need the full screen, sometimes a resized window by default - depending of the project I'm working on.

Note: Just curious, how do act MS Word, Excel, Firefox or Chrome with different windows settings after a restart?

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I worked out. In Edit > Preferences > Programme Start, I must choose "Continue last session", then Musescore will start with the previous settings, PLUS open the previous score if it was open.

In MS Office, web browsers, and other common applications, they will relaunch with the previous settings, WITHOUT opening the previous file(s)/webpage(s). I can see that Musescore takes a different approach.

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No, MuseScore will keep the previous window settings even if you don't do this. Except there is a conflict with certain OS's where "maximized" state in particular cannot be remembered properly. I think some versions of Windows are affected? Anyhow, instead try making the window just really big, that should be remembered.

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