Does MuseScore 4 builds work with a 32 bit operating system?

• Jan 9, 2021 - 04:59

I decided to try MuseScore 4. I see filename ends with x86_64 so I went for a try. I downloaded the latest build, that is named MuseScoreNightly-202101090438-master-69920f0-x86_64.7z modified on 2021-01-09 04:40. After extracting and attempting to run MuseScore4.exe in bin, error shows that it is not compatible. I want to know is there currently no build for 32 bit users and what does x86_64 mean. Thank you!


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The wiki doesn't include version 4. In general, if an operating system is still supported, someone makes an effort to make sure you can still run MuseScore on that operating system. Still, this isn't a guarantee. If the libraries used by MuseScore stop supporting 32 bit, MuseScore will have to stop supporting 32 bits. It is possible someone will build and make available a 32 bit version of MuseScore 4 if possible. They actually did this for about the first 3 months of version 3.

Everything being made for version 4 is compiled in 64 bit, that's what the x86_64 means. That doesn't mean the final release will or won't support 32 bit but for now all builds are 64 bit.

Development builds are genenally not being built for 32-bit Windows.
Release builds (also Alpha, Beta, RC) though are, so far, but if and when we switch to Qt 6, we may no longer be able to provide 32-bit builds

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