3.5.2 Error in Russian Translations in Style Dialog

• Jan 11, 2021 - 16:57

Even after updating the translations, there still persists untranslated phrases within the Russian translation in the Style dialog. Specifically:

Стиль\ Партитура \ Vertical position of number
Стиль\ Схема грифа \ Maximum shift above
Стиль\ Схема грифа \ Maximum shift below
Стиль\ Текстовые смили \ User-7 through User-12

I'm not a native/fluent Russian speaker so I don't feel confident on using my own translations.


Try in 3.6RC. 3.5 doesn't received any translation updates anymore
Those User-7 though User-12 seem to be fixed, the others are not translated.
In general the Russian translation is quite behind, more than 600 untranslated strings

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