Anyone have the old Musescore_General soundfont?

• Jan 11, 2021 - 21:03

I wrote a song using the synths present in the older version of musescore's standard soundfont. It updated, and erased all of the synths I was using and replaced it with a different selection that no longer suits the piece I wrote. Does anyone have the old soundfont? It had synths with names such as "Bell Tine Synth" and "Chorused Tine EP"


But, I don't think anything changed recently regarding any of these sorts of sounds? I suspect it was a different soundfont entirely that you were using. No version of MuseScore_General going back to the original 2.3.2 had sounds by those exact names that I can see. But I suppose FluidR3 or TimGM6mb might have.

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