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• Jan 15, 2021 - 17:28

I have arrangements for concert wind-band with 17 or 18 Staves.

There are times when I just cannot fit all staves on the paper (a4). I've reduced stave space to the minimum, extended page margins to the absolute minimum and ensured expression marks etc are reduced size and as close to the dots as possible. So I either end up with yards of space at the bottom of the sheet or the last few staves missing! (Please see the attached screenshots). These examples are from consecutive pages.

Anyone got ideas on how to overcome this sort of inconsistency? I'd be happier with shorter staves with smaller notes but cannot seem to achieve this!


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Latest version 3.6.0 now does clever things with vertical spacing of systems.

You can fit more on a page (at the expense of readability) by reducing the score scaling in [Format]>[Page settings].

a) reduce the staff space setting (Format > Page settings) or the page format (e.g. A4 to A3)for the worst case, i.e. so that all staves fit
b) then (!) go and try the new MuseScore 3.6, which has the ability to spread out the system to take the entire page on those where formerly you had that empty space at the bottom

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