Scrollbar for MIDI voice selection

• Jan 15, 2021 - 23:43

I think a scrollbar added to the voice selector dropdown menu would be extremely helpful... especially for anyone using several soundfonts together, It would simplify navigating a potentially very long list of voices that can only currently be navigated using the scroll wheel or arrow keys.

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There are lots of ideas floating about for redesigning this, but I did want to point out you've left out what is often the easiest way to select within this list - just type the first few letters. Like just about any dropdown list, it moves to the next entry that starts with those letters.

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Thanks for your reply... As far as I can tell, that only works for the first letter of the instrument name, which would probably work perfectly -- if the list was sorted alphabetically.
I realize this might also be somewhat of a personal problem, as I use somewhere in the order of a dozen fairly extensive soundfonts concurrently, and prefer certain sounds from different sets.

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No, just type the first few letters - for example, "tub" will find only "tuba" and "tubular bells", not anything else starting with "t".

But indeed, as I said, it's well-recognized there are opportunities for improvement here, and there are ideas being floated and work being down to overhaul this for MuseScore 4.

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