Finding assigned midi channels

• Jan 16, 2021 - 17:41

I was getting a list at the bottom which showed the Midi Channels assigned. It has gone away, how do it get it back?

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I guess you mean the MIDI import panel that shows when you first import a MIDI file? If you've closed that window, simply close the file then import it again to bring the import panel back. It's meant to remain visible during your initial work with the file while you correct the numerous issues that are inevitable in trying to use MIDI as a source of notation information. And then at some point when you've fixed as much as you can, then you close the window and work with the score directly.

If you aren't still trying to correct import issues but simply want to know what MIDI channels are being used in a score, though, that info is always available in View / Mixer.

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Marc: This reminds me of an old joke about my Swedish Grandparents: Do you know why Swedish Lumberjacks have stooped shoulders and flat foreheads? Answer: You ask them a question and they shrug their shoulders, you give them the answer and they slap their foreheads. WELL that's ME TODAY. I simply went out of MuseScore, turning off what I was working on, and brought it back in. DUHHHHHH...everything was there. THANKS!

Signed: Flat forehead for sure

Note - my Swedish Grandfather WAS a "lumberjack" in Minnesota for about 10 years!!!

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