3.6 default position of ornaments far from noteheads

• Jan 16, 2021 - 18:46

Maybe I'm missing a setting, but the default position of ornaments is quite far from the notehead. I've always used offset in the inspector panel to fix this — not ideal, but it worked. In the older version I usually offset the ornament by 1.00, but in the new version 1.50 looks better.

I've tried adjusting this in Styles/Articulations, Ornaments, but I can only go down to 0.00. Negative numbers are not allowed, and even changing both the notehead distance and the articulation distance doesn't move the ornament by much.

Also, why are articulations and ornaments grouped together in Styles? The articulations look fine to me, but the ornaments are way off.

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Are you saying you are seeing a difference in the default position between 3.5.2 and 3.6? If so, we'd need you to attach a score, not just a picture, so we can investigate. It's definitely the case that some style settings were updated for 3.6, and also some settings depend on the selected font. Also, autoplace has its own "minimum distance" for avoiding collisions, so in some cases you need to reduce that to get things closer. And a couple of symbols have a hard-coded default, particularly when symbols are combined. So we definitely need to see your actual score in order to explain what's going on for any specific symbol.

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OK, so you're not saying something new about 3.6, then? Right now we're pretty focused on fixing regressions, so the title of your threads was a bit misleading.

But again, if you have some sort of issue you'd like to discuss, whether about older or current versions, please attach an actual score, not a picture, for the reasons I explained above.

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Apologies for the confusion. I've attached a score (Sonata_V_Default.mscz), a screen shot of how it looks on my end (Default), and a screenshot of how I think it should look (Ideal).

To my eye, the default position of the ornaments, at least as experienced by me and my operating system (Mac OS 10.13.6), is much farther away than they should be. I hope this helps.

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Indeed, some of the specific ornaments in that example are further than ideal. A problem is we don't provide individual controls for each and every ornament, nor do we do a good enough job of calculating the proper height above beams in particular. No doubt additional style settings could help here.

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