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• Jan 16, 2021 - 23:24

Why can't you install more than 1 version of Musescore? I am trying to install an older version of Musescore along with my current version. The installer (the only method it allows) does not let you do that.


You can install one of every major version next to each other; minor updates indeed overwrite each other. But if you for some reason need those, you can use the portable versions of the older versions.

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If you use Windows, you cannot to get it with the "standard" version.

In Linux, we can use the Portable AppImages and we can use any version of that, last or older. BUT... We cannot to use more than one at a time.

Maybe, there are Portable AppImages to Windows. I don't know.

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In the case of downgrading, consider uninstalling 3.6 first then.
I've not seen that message before, but then again, I also don't downgrade..

But the gist of the statement is still true, you can have a 1.x, 2.x and 3.x version happily installed side by side and minor versions (in the normal direction of upgrading) do overwrite each other by default.

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Thank you. So my statement is true. You can't have an older version AND the latest version installed at the same time. Why isn't that allowed?
It is a simple setting in the installer. You ask the installer to check to see if a newer version is already installed. Then you have the option of continuing to install or ending the installation. Someone decided to click on the option to end the installation instead of continuing.

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I believe you can, if you install the new one in a different directory. You can't run them at the same time though, unlike major versions

If it is a 'simple setting in the installer', just show where and how exactly, 'simple' is quite often used to describe a job you want someone else to do...

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By the way, the whole reason I am wanting to do this is because I did something stupid. I wanted the latest version, so I installed it, then I had a "duh" head slapping moment where I realized that 3.5 cannot open 3.6 version scores. So when I upload a score to, some people may not have 3.6 so they won't be able to open my scores. So I tried to install 3.5 but couldn't.

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I have an update to this issue. I was told in previous comments on this thread that you can have two different versions at the same time as long as the latest version is installed last. I just discovered that is not true. I had 3.5.2 on my HD and installed 3.6. When installing 3.6, it asked me what directory to install. So I said "GREAT, it is not going to override my 3.5.2". So I installed it in a different directory. However, after installing 3.6, I noticed that my desktop icon for 3.5.2 was gone. Sure enough, I looked in the 3.5.2 directory and the exe file and all dll files are GONE in the "bin" directory. It seemed to have left everything else (odd) but the exe and dlls for 3.5.2 are gone.

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