Getting Chinese character instead of note value in tempo marking

• Jan 17, 2021 - 00:32

After installing MuseScore, I opened Reunion. Most things seem fine, except for the tempo marking. Instead of a quarter note, I get a Chinese character. This is on Windows 10, MuseScore 3.5.2.


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I experienced this problem a few months ago, what found my issue was that I was copy and pasting tempo markings, perhaps that is what you are doing? What I do now is either use the default tempo markings, or editing/adding text, type in the text I want (e.g. "Adagio Appassionata"), and go to special characters (bottom leftmost corner) to add the beat I want (e.g. quarter note) while still in the text box. Hopes this helps!

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There wouldn't normally be anything in the Start Center until you had opened it previously - it's a list of recent files. So I guess maybe you opened the one from the demos directory recently? Anyhow, that file you attached opens fine for me, regardless of which options I choose in the import dialog as far as I can tell, but feel free to tell me which you chose so I can be sure to try that combination.

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It does appear that I see these occasional Chinese characters in many scores I open. Interestingly, I don't see it when I add a tempo marking to my own scores, so fortunately, it isn't affecting what I'm trying to do much.

I wonder if there is something specific about my Windows machine that would be causing this.

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