Version 3.6 and styles

• Jan 17, 2021 - 17:22

I cannot find the "old" "reset style" option on V 3.6. Is it removed?
Another "issue" is that when I try to load a style MuseScore says: "The style is not compatible with this version of MuseScore." Should not a newer version be able to handle older styles?


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Thanks again for your response! I (of course) used the Ignore button, no problems there, but I guess MuseScore should "fix" the issue for the user "behind the scene" so the "issue" does not "pop up" every time.

And the "reset style" was an option before. Is it "gone"?

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The "reset styles to default" does not take into account my style defined in the preferences / score / style.
Is it because I still have it defined in the "old" 3.5.2 version?
Apart from that the style "reset option" it's "one level down" in the menus compared to earlier versions.
I wonder for what reason. It is/was most useful.

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The old "reset styles" did two things - it reset everything in the styles dialog, and it reset everything in the page settings dialog. There were complaints that you might want to reset one but not the other - in particular, it's common in some circles to want to reset styles but keep page / margin sizes. So, we separated this command into two separates ones, one for each dialog.

A small "summary on this topic:
Jojo-Schmitz's solution to edit the style-file in an (text)editor and change from 3.01 ->3.02 fixes the style issue.
However, this should be done "behind the scene" by Musescore, in my view.
Regarding the "loss of" Format/"reset style" I, in my case, added a shortcut for "Reset style" in preferences/shortcuts.
The old "Format/ Reset style" is now found under Style "Reset All styles to Default".

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Hi and thanks for swift answers/comments. No big deal this, but in my opinion why not get rid of "noice" like this in the user-interface when a "fix" is easily available.
Allthough ignore is OK ("hope for the best" is not a software solution:) ) and probably does "no harm", the 3.01 - 3.02 fix might as well be put in place not to make (many?) users wonder "what is wrong?"

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The fix is not easily available. A full fix would need to check every sing setting in the mss file whether it still exists and still has the same meaning. And it would need to differentiate between MuseScore 1, 2 and 3 mss files for that. The development resources are better spent elswhere than for a rather rarely use feature like style files in general and importing them from a downrev version in particular

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