3,6 Tip of stems ends up on note graphic

• Jan 17, 2021 - 22:23

Tip of stems of flipped downward eights sixteenths ..notes etc ends up on note graphic ... which doesn't look very good... I could adjust the stems lenght with the "Y" coordinate in the Inspector but it can't be made permanent Style as it is possible to do with many graphics/symbols; see uploaded picture. Stems were ok in previous versions.

Would be nice if it could be fixed !

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If you say so... I think it is much nicer when it doesn't like it was in 3,5 - Got around that problem by loading a STYLE file I had previously set up and used since 3.4 - and stems are showing the way I want. And since it can be adjusted via the Inspector, it shouldn't be a problem to let it be a user's choice.

This is, indeed, a deliberate design decision, and it is common (though not universal) in printed music. Incidentally, Bravura is designed the same way. If you hate it, I can only beg forgiveness :)

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