Musescore 3.6 Crashing (Score Specific)

• Jan 18, 2021 - 16:55

I'm attempting to work on one of my large orchestral projects, yet musescore keeps crashing whenever I try to open it again. I was able to work on it yesterday morning in 3.6, without any errors and I made some edits to it then, but now I'm completely unable to open the score, and I'm not even given what the issues are, I would assume it got corrupted. Below is the score I'm attempting to open.

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A_Fallen_Kingdom_Full_Score.mscz 215.7 KB


1) do mscz to zip
2) unzip
3) open A_Fallen_Kingdom_Full_Score folder
4) do mscx to txt
5) read A_Fallen_Kingdom_Full_Score.txt with a text editor, for example with Notepad
There in your file you use many soundfonts.

    Symphonic Sounds(1).sf2
    Dark Vib sop Sax.sf2
    Alto Sax XSwitch.sf2
    Tenor Sax Soft.sf2
    Baritone Sax.sf2
    Chateau Grand-v1.8.sf2

No crash for me in using 3.6 on Linux. But, I do note there is a generated part that appears and use of the cutaway option, and there have been recent changes here such that could easily believe this could somehow be problematic. So here's a version with the part removed and the cutaway turned off, maybe it will allow you to work meanwhile.

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A_Fallen_Kingdom_Full_Score - saved.mscz 192.4 KB

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