Crescendo don't play back in updated versions of musescore

• Jan 19, 2021 - 17:57

The only way crescendo's have been playing back is in older versions of musescore, but they don't work in the updated versions of musescore. Why is this?
When I say they don't work, I mean the instruments play the dynamic at the start of the crescendo but don't change volume to the dynamic at the end of the crescendo. The crescendo's are all on instruments that work with crescendo's (strings and trumpets)


Nothing changed in any recent release - they should play as always - but it's possible you inadvertently changed soundfonts to one that doesn't support dynamics in the same way. So yes, please attach the score you are having trouble with, but also say what soundfont(s) you are using (see View / Synthesizer).

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Here's one of my scores. Towards the final chorus I have a 2 bar crescendo in the strings which doesn't work in any of the updated versions of musescore. That's an area where it is obvious that it doesn't work. It may work for you but i don't know why.
I am using 2 soundfonts which worked in the previous versions of musescore. They are 'MuseScore_General.sf3' and 'GeneralUser GS v1.471.sf2'. 'MuseScore_General.sf3' is at the top of the soundfont lists

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So you're talking about m39/40 right?
In m40, you have three piano markings on top of each other on each staff, remove the two redundant ones.

Then select those dynamics and change their dynamic range from the default of "Part" to "Staff" (or remove the bottom ones). Do the same for the hairpins.

Now that those all only affect their own staff and no longer conflict with each other, playback works.

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Wow, i have been trying to fix this for ages now. I changed the dynamic range from 'Part' to 'stave' since here wasn't a 'staff' in the option list. Is there a way to have the dynamic range set to 'stave' for default?
And is there a way to change many hairpin dynamic ranges at once? Since when i was making the changes that you said above, i could only do them one by one. Thank you

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