Updating old scores to new Ver 3.6 styles and templates?

• Jan 20, 2021 - 11:02

I have a couple of jazz stylesheets made mainly in Ver 3.5, using MuseJazz fonts etc.

I like the template function which is easy to use, when you create a new score in ver 3.6
But what about the old scores, how do I update them to benefit from 3.6 and keep the score format updated.
To get the jazzy style in my old scores updated,
1. I opened a new score using the "Jazz Lead Sheet".
2. Saved style settings with Format -> Save Style..
3. The I opened the old scores and loaded the style i Stored in step.
That worked well.

But the Ver 3.6 templates contain much more settings (I sneak peeked into the template xml files). So now I am not sure, if I am missing something (I probably are).
Is there a way of updating old scores to (new) templates. Like having a function: Format -> Load template?


The easiest way to get a score to adopt the new defaults is to go to Format / Style and hit the "Reset All Styles to Default" button. But if you want to have "jazz" settings, then the method you describe is best. Not sure what additional settings you are referring to, but the MSS file should contain all style settings. Anything else would be properties of individual staves etc.

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Thanx for the answer.
By looking at the xml definition I can see that you are right.
- Styles contains the
- Templates contain the complete including definitions and much more.

But as far as I can see, you can only select a template (with all the settings in the template) when you create a NEW score. You cannot add a template to an existing score made with an earlier version. That might be useful when migrating to a new version of MuseScore?

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