Version 3.6 & previous update crashes during opening on Windows 10

• Jan 20, 2021 - 21:39

If I click on the Musescore Icon, then Musecore opens but closes down after a few seconds, at the stage I would expect an additional screen to open to invite a new creation.
If instead I bypass "the opening sequence", by clicking on an existing score, this causes the application to open, and show the score chosen. I can then manually select Menu options for a new creation, and MuseScore is working fine.


I have exactly the same problem.

My system:
Windows 10 Pro 64 bit
Puget Systems
Intel i9-9900X @ 3.5 GHz
nVidia 2080 Ti 11 GB RAM
Driver: nVidia Studio 457.30
ASUS ProArt PA32UC monitor

Clearly, this version 3.6 has a glitch for many of us. Sent a message to Musescore, but they replied saying, "Unfortunately, our customer support reps do not have sufficient knowledge about the editor."
I certainly hope they can fix this start-up problem, but your by-pass solution is helpful. Thanks

Downloading and installing manually then repairing the files got it to work for me. Also had 502 Bad Gateway on the site after updating but now the site is working fine for me at least.

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