Musescore 3.6 Opening and Concert Pitch Issues

• Jan 21, 2021 - 08:08

I see lots of people having this issue, but I still feel the need to ask for help. Everytime I open musescore, it crashes after a few seconds. I can get to my scores by opening them through the files themselves, but I can't get to musescore through the application itself.

I'm also having an issue with the Concert Pitch toggle. It is putting my instruments into concert pitch in the key but not in the audio and actual notes when on, and putting my instruments into non-concert pitch in the key but concert pitch in the notes and audio when off. It's is highly confusing. I have restarted, but that has not helped.

Any help is appreciated!


Also, it's not automatically bracketing (as promised) and is not changing the font size to better fit the pages on a new score as it has with scores I have brought across from version 3.5.

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Feel free to start another post also about the bracketing issue. It definitely works in general but might not know the specific instruments you are using in the score you are having problems with.

Automatic changing font size to fit the page is not a feature of MuseScore, that's something you'd need to do yourself. Adjusting spacing is.

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