Concert Pitch Incorrect

• Jan 22, 2021 - 01:42

It is incredibly difficult to explain, but the concert pitch on my version of musescore (the recent 3.6) is not correct.
I have attached the score with the issue in the trumpet part. You can see the trumpet and vocal lines have the same notes in concert pitch, but the trumpet is playing a tone higher than written.
Please help!!!!

(also, musescore won't open for me unless I open it through selecting a musescore file from my documents, so any help on that would also be appreciated)

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Initially, when one enters notes with the concert pitch button pressed (and therefore hilighted) all staves should be set up with the same key signature.
Therefore, the trumpet and voice notes should display the same.

Once concert pitch is toggled off, the key signatures will automatically change (along with the notes) for the transposing instruments.
So, if voice (non-transposing) is in the key of B flat, trumpet (transposing) will show the key of C when concert pitch is toggled off.
Always pay attention to the status of the Concert Pitch toggle.

In your attachment, it looks like measures 1 - 4 and then the measures entered afterwards had the Concert Pitch button toggled differently - perhaps by accident.

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There were definitely bugs in past versions where certain sequences of actions could cause this type of thing - I think things involving loading style files (.mss) or specifying one as your default style in edit / preferences / score. But we've fixed all such problems we are aware off. One known issue with using the "reset all styles to default" command in the 3.6 (should be fixed in 3.6.1) but I don't think that could cause what you see here. If you are able to figure out the steps that led to this, definitely let us know.

The problem starting from the icon is usually due to an update that went wrong due to some file being in use by another process. Try rebooting, then either running the installer again and either repairing or uninstallling/reinstalling.

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