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• Jan 21, 2021 - 13:10

In Musescore there was an orchestral kit (part of a drum set of some kind) with all kinds of chimes and bells. It had a Disney sound I used for transitions and runs. (See attachment)
Any idea where I can find these extra sounds in Musescore 3?



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The poiint isn't that I don't hear it, it's that I don't necessary hear the same thing you hear, because you might well have different soundfonts loaded than you do.

Anyhow, again, that sound exists, and you are welcome to use it in any other score just as you did in this one,. So I'm not really understanding the question.

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I'm not aware of anythng being removed. but again, I don't understand your question at all. You posted a score that uses a particular sound when using the default soudnfont. Are you saying you no longer wish to use that sound, but wish to use some other sound? Ifso, we'd want to hear the record of the sound you want to use instead. If you are saying you like the sound in the score you posted, then, doesn't that mean you already figured out how to get that sound, and how you just need to do it again?

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Well, in this file as I hear it on my system, the sound comes from the standard kit - that's what I see listed when I open the mixer. It's just the standard bell tree / wind chimes sound, midi pitch 84. But it's also possible at one time you installed some other special soundfont. if you don't have that soudnfont installed now but like the sound of what you hear in this file with the default soundfont, just define your drumset to use midi pitch 84 for chimes.

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