Adding second row (alternate) sticking in drum music

• Jan 21, 2021 - 17:05

Currently using Version 3.6. It is possible to add alternate sticking by clicking on the applicable note. A sticking text box will open below the first line of sticking. One can enter the alternate sticking for that note ONLY. If one attempts to move to the next position by using the space bar or arrow keys (as is possible in the first row of sticking) the input defaults to the 1st row. The only way to add alternate sticking is to again, select the note and activate the sticking command. In this case, the input will appear below the existing sticking.

Question: Is there a more efficient way to add alternate sticking similar to the way the primary sticking notation is added?


Kind of, yes. Copy/paste works, so if you make a copy of the entire passage, enter the new sticking in place of the old, then copy just the sticking (eg, click first, shift+click last) and paste back to the original location, it will get added as a second line.

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