MuseScore doesn't open/react on MacOS

• Jan 21, 2021 - 18:37

Hey everybody,

I have this issue since over half a year and didn't find any solutions, because most of the problems here are referred to a crash after starting. I can't even open it...

Opening MuseScore from the Application-Icon doesn't work since 2 or 3 years (right-click on app-icon in Dock "Programm doesn't react"), so I had a workaround where I always had to open the download-file, but that doesn't work now either since last summer...
It launches the small blue Start-Up-Screen ("Loading SoundFonts..:") and stays there forever. When I right-click on MuseScore in Dock, it always says "Program doesn't react".

I use a MacBook Pro and an iMac which both run on the latest MacOS BigSur versions. Also: deinstalling and reinstalling MuseScore didn't help either...

Would be great if anybody has a solution or can confirm that this issue is being addressed. I am kinda lucky that I don't NEED to make scores right now due to the pandemic, but I should get back to it and that's not possible right now. And I LOVE MuseScore and don't want to change, just because it doesn't work!

Greetings and stay healthy!


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