Spacing issues with Leland font on 3.6

• Jan 21, 2021 - 19:12

So, after a comment on a thread on Musescore Discussion and support Group on Facebook I was invited by moderator to post the file here in order to check it..
The problem: Leland seems to require more space, the font in the attached score is Bravura and it has three pages (but the same happens with Emmentaler and Gonville), if I switch to Leland the last system goes to a fourth page.
It's a score for piano that required several tweaks, please note that it still requires polishing and adjusting something here and there (after three proofreads still spotting errors...) For reference the original is on IMSLP

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This is a little unusual, but it seems you score is actually taking a little less space with Leland than Bravura, at least horizontally. Check it out - one page three, with Bravura, the third system fits measures 39-43, but with Leland, it actually squeezes in 44 as well. That would normally be good, but it means the careful tweaking you have done to adjust hairpins to avoid collisions with notes on other systems is no longer working for the same, and now there is just enough extra space required vertically that the last system gets pushed to the next page.

So the solution, ironically enough, is to add a system break after measure 43 to prevent MsueScore from allowing 44 onto that same system. Then everything will line up as before and it works out "just so" that the last system fits on the page again.

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