Google Font Not Uploading Currently After Update

• Jan 22, 2021 - 06:36

Hello All,

I noticed since I started to upload new and updated scores that the Google font I previously was using is now replaced with the generic or default font when uploaded. I know the font has worked before as 28 of my current uploaded scores display the Google font correctly. Yet, after uploading a new score and then also updating another score as a test, the website does not seem to want tp display the font.

I understand not everyone may have the font, but it seems to have at least uploaded previously. I am not sure if something is wrong when I save the .mscz file (it opens up and displays the correct font, but I do have the font installed) or if there is an error in the upload process where the access to the Google font is unavailable/blocked so the system substitutes the font. For the record, the font is Unifraktur Maguntia, which is still currently available.

Are others having similar issues?

Thank you in advance!


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