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• Jan 22, 2021 - 11:14

Is it possible to align text (eg. rehearsal marks at the beginning of a staff) to the page instead of notes or rests?
I included a file where you can see what I mean. I had to align the rehearsal marks by hand.
It would be better of course to create a user text style for this but I don't know how to make it align to a page (the way it works in Sibelius).

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Aligning to a page wouldn't make sense - those marks might well overlap the staff itself if the layout of the music ever changes. Eg, if the staves move further apart or closer together.

I think what you really mean is, you want the rehearsal marks to align with the left edge of the measure to which they are attached. This partially happens automatically for short rehearsal marks - single letters - if you set them to right aligned. But we do push things over if that would cause them to collide with chord symbols or whatever. So yes, some new "left of measure" alignment would be nice some day.

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Yes, and to be clear, this is exactly what happens if you rightset the rehearsal marks to right-aligned. However, as noted, it only works for relatively short texts, because it the text gets long enough that it overlaps the first note of the measure, we start pushing the text into the margin so as to avoid collisions with tempo chord symbols or other text we expect might also be attached to that first note.

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