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• Jan 23, 2021 - 16:12

I notice I posted this question to the wrong forum. Sorry. I am new here.. I am familiar with Sibelius (6.x) but hope that MuseScore gives me better sound. I can input on Sibelius with my midi keyboard without issues. So far, I have turned on my midi keyboard before opening MuseScore (as per instructions), but have not been able to get any sound from my midi or any input onto Musescore. What am I doing wrong?


Since 1997 I've used product called Musicator (I have an old laptop with Windows Vista for this). It has all the functions I need, but inevitably I'll need to replace it. I've created multi-track midi files and PDF files of all my work hoping they will be enough recreate my work, if necessary.

1) Musicator allows me to import midi files, use them as the basis for further editing, and save the results in its own proprietary format, and print finished scores and parts.

2) For new content, a key tool for me is my Roland JV-35 keyboard/synthesizer with a midi connection to my laptop. With it and Musicator, I can specify a time signature and tempo, play a metronome, and capture the keyboard pitches for further editing.

3) Musicator also allows me to output to the synthesizer on multiple channels, specifying instruments and other midi controls so I can hear what I have arranged.

Will Musescore allow me to do these things in some fashion?

Thanks in advance.

Mike Anderson

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Musicator is no longer supported or available (I think since around 2005). (It's also "free" since I haven't upgraded since 1997!) I need to find a suitable replacement. That's why I'm interested in Musescore. I don't yet have a basis for comparing ease of use, but I really liked the feel of Musicator, and it has all the function I need. I was hoping Musescore had the same function; hence my question. I need to find something before my Windows Vista laptop fails.


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