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• Jan 23, 2021 - 17:07

A score filled with 3.5, with many manual adjustments becomes a disaster when opened with 3.6.
I can't adjust the distance of the accidentals from the barlines. A possible cause could be the Time Signatures (which from invisible have simply disappeared). My workaround was to add an Instrument and then from the Instruments dialog make it invisible.
In the attachment try selecting a Time Signature and press V to see the collision.

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Barline-Accidentals.mscz 16.81 KB


Your workaround is genial, but it would be nice, if one shouldn't have to spend half a day to convert a score in a new release of MsS. Many thanks for the tips, Shoichi!

Why not reporting it in the issue tracker? Seems to be a regression for me. It doesn't only affect scores from MS 3.5.x, as far I can see, it's also reproducible from scratch by creating a new score with MS 3.6..

Indeed, this was an unintended bug that resulted from fixing the behavior of hidden time signatures at the beginning of a score, which was very broken previously. Hiding time signatures at the beginning of a score is a common thing to do for non-metered music, but hiding time signatures within a score in theory shouldn't be. I'm not quite sure what this score is trying to show, but usually in cases like this where you want different numbers of beats in different bars but without time signatures, the way to do that would be via changing actual duration in measure properties. So perosnally I'd recommend fixing this score to use that approach instead of individual time signatures, unless there is a strong reason to resort to invisible time signatures instead. In which case, it would also be useful to understand why this seemed necessary, so we can see if perhaps there is a missing feature that would have prevented the need for this.

Meanwhile, we're working on a fix, obviously we don't want to see this happen going forward. We can't promise it will make 3.6.1 as we want to get that out as soon as possible to address the crash issues some have seen, but hopefully there will be a 3.6.2 to address remaining issues discovered too late for 3.6.1.

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