Notes are not registered with MIDI output from AudioBox USB 96

• Jan 23, 2021 - 22:19
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S2 - Critical

I have a 1/4 cable out from the keyboard.  It is then passing through an AudioBox USB 96 to convert to a MIDI signal.  The MIDI IN Cable is hooked up to Output on the AudioBox and the Midi OUT is hooked up to Input on the Audiobox. Under the MusicScore preferences it does seem to indicate that the MIDI cable is connected as the MIDI USB selection appears.  There are 5 selections for API and a number of selections for device but the AudioBOX doesn't show up unless the additional USB cable is connected.  Either way it doesn't register notes from the Keyboard.  Any suggestions are welcome.   Thank you.


Status active needs info

Are you saying you have a 1/4 inch phone jack/instrument cable going into the audio interface? That would providing a raw audio signal, not MIDI data, hence why MuseScore isn't picking up MIDI notes. You'd need a MIDI cable (or maybe USB depending on your keyboard) connected from your keyboard to your audio interface to get any MIDI data from your keyboard. Also, what do you mean with the how the MIDI cable is hooked up? Are you trying to say you have both ends of the same cable connected to the interface in a loop? That won't actually do anything, one end needs to be connected the MIDI OUT on your keyboard, and the other end should go to MIDI IN on the interface.

Yes the instrument cable going into the audio interface from my keyboard, then the midi in is plugged into the out of the audio interface, and the midi out is plugged into the in of the audio interface then going into usb. My keyboard has no midi ports.

Then this is not a MuseScore issue, it's an issue with how your interface is set up. If you do not have a MIDI or USB port on your keyboard then you cannot use it as a MIDI controller.