reset soundfont and effects to default

• Jan 23, 2021 - 22:48

Hi -

In the back of my mind, I was saying, "don't do this, just record it with the default." I shouted down my smarter self, thinking "there's the reset to default button so no worries!"

Well, now here I am.

I loaded Aegean to see if I could get a more realistic string sound. Short answer, I immediately tried to reset to default only to have the new settings stick. I then reloaded the default soundfont manually and got the instruments sounds back but now I have this maddening delay on all the string voices, such that staccato is not possible on playback.

how do I regain default sound behavior? I did nothing but load the font file - didn't mess with individual settings.

Thanks in advance.


I'm a bit confused - you do or do not want to use Aegean? If you do, I can't help as I have little insight into it.

But if you've already tweaked a score to work with it and now you have unloaded it and loaded the default instead, you'll have to undo any changes made to your score. Some might have been made automatically, things having to do with single note dynamics. So if you haven't saved it, maybe just close without saving then reload. Otherwise, you may need to go to the mixer and change the sounds back to what they should be, Feel free to attach your score if you are having trouble figuring that out.

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OK, so I've loaded your score, what do I need to do in order to see/hear a problem? This score doesn't have a soprano saxophone that I can see, so I'm not sure what the screenshot is showing.

Although it's not clear what problem you might be experiencing, it occurs to me you might have made changes in the Dynamics tab of the synthesizer when you changed soundfonts, and that could be affecting how things work on your system. So be sure to set everything back to defaults there (they should be labeled as such).

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Glad you got it working! Probably you made that change so because you read somewhere that this soundfont required you to change the CC setting or something in order to get single note dynamics to work, in which case, it was the right thing to do, you just have to remember to change it back. Or maybe there is even something within MuseScore that detects this and changes those settings automatically when switching to this soundfont, but somehow didn't manage to change it back automatically. That would be unfortunate.

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