Save as broken in Ubuntu (0.9.6 regression)

• Oct 22, 2009 - 01:38
S2 - Critical

Version 0.9.6 build 2148. Ubuntu Karmic Beta.

Very strange issue - this version does and does not support 'save as '. I can create wav, flac and ogg using the Wine version, but they are in one voice only.

The strange part is that while 0.9.6 2148 in Ubuntu does not save audio files directly, it will overwrite them if created in the Wine version first. All the tracks are than restored.


I am using Kubuntu 9.10 and "save as" works as expected. MuseScore may use the native file dialogs which means that the bug may depend on the gui environment (kde and maybe used style).
I did not understand what you did with wine. Do you really run the windows version with wine? MuseScore on wine is totally broken and you should not expect this to be fixed.

I get the same error in the same package version (r2148) as GACB, with non-debug output on the console of:

internal error: unknown filter type <>

However, I am in the process of uploading revision 2430. I do not know if this package works as expected, though from what Werner says it should, but in any case it should be published within twelve hours; there is a large queue on the build daemon.

Synaptics updated MSCORE to 2430 on Ubuntu 9.10. Same thing as before - as long as I add the file extension, 'Save As' works perfectly. If I don't, nothing is created other than the native file format and PDF.

The first Alpha of 10.04 is due in a few days. I'll run MSCORE in Lucid and see what happens.

GACB, if you upgrade to lucid, be aware that the version in the main repositories there is still 0.9.4, and will be until 0.9.5 is autosynced from Debian. To faithfully try and reproduce this bug, you'll have to re-add the prerelease PPA. I hope by then a prerelease for lucid is built.