Muesescore 3.6 crashes

• Jan 25, 2021 - 07:17

I have have 2 problems with the 3.6 version.

1: I can open the program if I click an existing file in my folder but it crashes when I try to open the program app directly.

2: One of my files makes the program crash even if I open it directly from my folder. I have read that this might happen if the file is saved with continuous view. That might be the case, but the problem is that I don't manage to open the file so that I can save it correctly.

Can somebody help me please. Problem-file is attached

Attachment Size
Lady_Madonna 2021.mscz 44.38 KB


Many thanks for the quick response and the help to clean my file. Now I manage to open it :-) and can continue my work.

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