Crashing 3.6 - Guitar with linked TAB staff

• Jan 25, 2021 - 20:39

Musescore 3.6 on Win 7

Keeps crashing while working on scores. In particular, Guitar with linked TAB staff.

Anyone else run into this?

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Again, what operations in particular make it crash.
You say note input. That's kind of general.

So... you open your attached file. and then what?
Please enumerate exact steps so someone here can replicate..

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Interesting. The last time it crashed is as follows. I enter note input mode. I select quarter note. I press the letter E. Fine. I move to next measure, I press A. All Good. I move to next measure, I press D. It crashes.

I don't open my attached file and then it crashes. It crashed while I was inputting notes. It has done this quite a few times recently. Musescore 2 never crashed on my machine.

thank you.

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  1. open Musescore
  2. create new score - choose instrument - classical guitar - add linked staff TAB 6 Full. Start with defaults.
  3. Enter note input mode
  4. Enter notes on the staff. At some point during note entry, it crashes. Pitch selected varies, rhythm selected varies. Quantity of notes varies, sometimes a few measures, sometimes more. Notes are being entered via laptop keyboard with my fingertips using a download pressing movement. ;) Thank you.

The exact sequence of the last crash is in a comment of mine above.

I am having a very similar issue, I was looking to see if any others were experiencing this. When working on guitar with both standard sheet and tabs attached to one another, I experience frequent crashes. This does not happen every time I do this, but the precise steps that causes it to crash are as follows:
(1) Input notes either through the standard sheet or tabs.
(2) Exit the note input mode.
(3) Select one of the previously input notes on either of the linked staves.
(4) Attempt to adjust the duration of the note through the number shortcuts.
After a crash like this has occurred, the score will frequently be listed as corrupted. I've included the sheet music of my most recent project where this is occuring.

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There is something weird with attached score, "Peg"
I isolated the Electric guitar (keeping problematic measures, or 1 page)

A. With this excerpt: Electric3.mscz
1) Select the penultimate measure, both standard and Tab staff - > Copy-paste (or press"R") in the last measure
2) Select the last note eg in standard staff, C note -> press "5" to receive a quarter note

Result : crash

B. Other shorter excerpt: Electric4.mscz
1) Range selection: measure 2 to last measure (the only with notes)
2) Do: Ctrl + Del

Result: crash

  • I conclude, for the moment, that the score has suffered somewhere, that it is corrupted in one way or another. The simple fact, for example, of deleting the linked staff, then recreating it, is enough to fix these glitches, from what I see for the moment, and before possibly further investigation. But since I can't reproduce from scratch right now, I'll probably move on.

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"This has happened to multiple different scores. And, on my install, only happens with the linked TAB staff.
So perhaps this is corrupting the score."

Please, we need you attach one of your "real" scores, (and not a part of the file you created specially, when opening this thread, "Crashing Score")
There may be a few different reasons for a crash to occur. But the kind of file like Guitar + linked TAB staff has been used and tested enough now for many years to say that works fine, and so, there is something else for you, which you may not be aware of.
It takes some experience and habit to spot the origin of the problems.
So, again, we need to check one of "your" scores, one of those where you observe what you say (with, if possible, detailed and precise steps - but the most important right now is to can check/open/test this score )
Otherwise we'll be going around in circles for a long time, I'm afraid.

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I quote myself in a previous comment: "I conclude, for the moment, that the score has suffered somewhere, that it is corrupted in one way or another"
Well, I'll come back to that (I'm surprised myself I missed it) 😳! The fatigue of one evening probably, sorry! 😴

So, got it, this morning... The Lead guitar part was simply and clearly (now!) corrupt - image below.

I guess it had escaped me at first glance, because it involved two measures, one of which was at the very end of the system, and on top of that, they were separated by another "apparently" correct measure. (while I look at these problems by disabling multi-measure rests/2 measures default... out of habit!) And so I didn't see it immediately.

In short, problem solved. Just delete and recreate the faulty part: Peg(3).mscz


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