Tempo Markings Not Aligned

• Jan 25, 2021 - 23:34

Why is the first tempo marking automatically placed higher than the other markings? Even after deleting and re-adding the tempo marking, the marking stays at the same level. This issue does not occur later in the file or in other files.

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Looks like the tempo marking is trying to avoid collision with the text part of the text line, but not the line part. You can turn off autoplace if it bothers you, but since the tempo markings are invisible they won't show up in the final score anyways.

Impossible to say from just a picture, but presumably some other element - perhaps invisible - is in the way. If you attach your actual score we can understand and assist better,

Have you looked at that attached Tempo_Markings.mscz file? It only shows 4 measures and the tempo markings are aligned ok.
It is not the same as your picture. Your first picture shows a misalignment at measure 9. Your second picture shows everything ok at measures 13 - 16.

The 4 measures in your score attachment are assigned different measure numbers (1 - 4) and include the time signature - hence a different layout. You can even see that the instrument name is "Piano" and not "Pno." as in your picture:
We need to see everything from the beginning of your score up to, say, measure 16. This way measure 9 can be viewed.

Simply attach the whole score.

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I deleted the other measures and kept only the interested row. I think that the format is a bit different because I have an older version of MuseScore. However, in the first image, the first marking still seems to be placed (slightly) higher than the other markings.

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If the score looks wrong in an older version, that is but one of very many reasons to update. But - that score was created in 3.5.2 and looks fine there as well as in 3.6. The invisible tempo marking in the first measure is indeed slightly higher than the others, to avoid the word "accel'".

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Here I do see the issue. Cause is as guessed - there is another element there that your tempo marking is avoiding. You can't see it because it is empty, but you can access it by clicking the first note of the measure then pressing Alt+Right to move to the next element of the score. Check the status bar and you'll a tempo with no text. Hit Delete and it's gone, and then the other tempo marking falls into place.

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No, I was hoping you could tell us :-). Normally we automatically remove empty texts, like if you start to create a text but then hit Esc without typing, or delete all characters from a text you have typed. But twice this month we've seen cases where somehow an empty text got created despite our best efforts to prevent it. If someone tells how to make this happen, we can try to fix that.

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Thank you for posting the score section with the actual misalignment.

If you don't know about the Status bar, see:

Also, just for fun, after you press Alt+Right (and move to the tempo with no text, which you can't see) follow up by pressing Alt+Shift+E to put it in edit mode. You will see the cursor appear where the tempo element exists - immediately below the 'misaligned' tempo marking.
You may have 'backspaced' out of it rather than deleting it?

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