Overlapping lyrics on XML file

• Jan 25, 2021 - 23:37

I had asked a few days ago about an error I was getting when opening an XML file in Musescore, and was told it should open fine anyway. It does open, but I noticed that there are overlapping lyrics in one spot on the verses which causes the rest of the lyrics after that to be out of sync with the notes. I'll attach a screenshot and the XML file so you can see. What I'm trying to figure out...is there a way to fix it without having to retype all of those lyrics into the right slots?
By the way, I'm a total newbie at notation and just starting to learn how to use Musescore. Thanks in advance for the help!


The overlapping lyrics are already present in the MusicXML file and are not the result of a MuseScore problem. The error reported on opening is unrelated to the lyrics issue.

The lyrics issue is caused by the dotted quarter A3 in measure 5 beat 3 overlapping with the eighth ADF# chord also at beat 3. Both have associated lyrics. As a result, two sets of lyrics are present at measure 5 beat 3.

Please refer to the handbook (https://musescore.org/en/handbook/3/lyrics) for more information on lyrics editing.

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