Viewing two pages horizontally with scrolling vertically

• Jan 26, 2021 - 02:55

Most home PCs have horizontally long monitor and most score pages are vertically long, so it is often convenient to arrange score pages side by side when editing the whole page.
This is limitedly possible.(Edit-Preferences-Canvas-Scroll Pages-Horizontally) However, in this way, all pages are arranged horizontally, and I can not use simple mouse wheel for turning pages.

Therefore, I wish there was a function to place 2 pages horizontally with scrolling vertically. In this way, 2nd page will be on the right side of 1st page and 3rd page will be below the 1st page.
It would be better if I could choose even or odd pages comes on the left side.

I'm attaching a simple example image.

*I also wish I can on/off horizontal and vertical scroll bar. Scroll bars are used not only for navigating pages, but also for guessing where I am.


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Because I posted both of them, so it could look like they were duplicated. However, In the previous article, I asked if the function is currently implementable, and this article was posted hoping that it would be added someday.
I was suggested to post it on the Feature request board in the previous article. Please let me know if this kind of restatement is against regulations.

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