Why can't we download previous versions to avoid the bugs ? We are not your tester interns

• Jan 26, 2021 - 18:03

I installed version 3.6, and now i'm stuck in here with the bugs. Musescore crashes on opening one of my score so I can't open it anymore (It was fine before 3.6). I would like to revert to the previous release but all your download links (like this one https://musescore.org/en/3.5) lead to version 3.6. It looks like you intentionally mislead your clients into the last version to collect more crash report.. but now i'm stuck and i can't play, so not very nice of you..


For the record:

No, of course we don't intentionally mislead anyone or release software we know to be buggier than the previous version. In general, as mentioned, 3.6 is far less buggy than any previous version, but it does so happen that one bug in particular with a particular type of score crashing on open is bad enough that it might well seem worth putting up with the hundreds of other bugs that were fixed, just to avoid this one. That's understandable, but just realize, no, this was nothing deliberate, it's just a mistake, they happen, and we're working to fix it. 3.6.1 should be out soon, and you are welcome to go back to 3.5.2 for now if you prefer.

Meanwhile, if you or anyone else wants to attach a score that crashes on open because of this bug, the team of volunteers who help people here on the forum some of use developers, others not - are committed to continuing that spirit of help buy fixing the file for you so you can open it in 3.6.

The download, the program is free. And it has more appealing features, at least to me, than some that you pay for. It is like the Blender of graphics programs.

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