Quavers (Eighth Notes) Have Inconsistent Flag Lengths Depending on The Line

• Jan 26, 2021 - 21:21

Eighth notes, beginning from the G line on the treble cleff (ie. the second line from the bottom of the staff) have flags that are of inconsistent lengths. The problem is relatively minor on the G line, but gets progressively worse as you move higher up the staff.

This bug doesn't happen with notes of shorter values (like 16th or 32nd notes), nor does it happen when you're in note input mode and see a blue preview of the note you're about to place. This ONLY occurs (to my knowledge) when an 8th note is placed on the G line or above using the Leland font.

Two examples can be seen in the images below

As can be seen, the termination point of the eighth note flag begins to move increasingly out of sync with the termination point of it's 16th note brother, beginning from the G line.

I probably would not have noticed this if not for the video diving into the depths of this new notefont by Mr. Keary (Tantacrul). It has made me much more observant on the microscopic level of how my scores look.


If I undestand you correctly, this is by design, and the norm in published music. The standard length for a stem is 3.5 spaces, but it is traditional to shorten these stems if they start to extend above the staff because of stem direction changes. Normally notes on the second to top line would be stems down, but if they are up for whatever reason, they extend above the staff and are thus shortened. There are settings to control this in Format / Style / Notes. But regardless of this stem shortening, they may need to be lengthened again to accommodate the flags, which may explain the discrepancies you are perceived between eighth notes and sixteenths etc.

It's possible I'm misunderstanding your point, however, so feel free to explain in more detail

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