Load Style does not correctly update Measure Numbers position

• Jan 27, 2021 - 04:03

In Format | Style | Measure Numbers, I have changed the Position Below for Y. This presents no problem in one document. But when I do Format | Save Style, and then (in a different file) Format | Load Style, this particular characteristic (measure number position) is not updated in the second file.

For the record, everything else I changed in the first document is updated correctly in the second document: Hide Empty, Measure Numbers Show First, Measure Numbers Interval, Lyrics Min Distance, Rehearsal Marks Position Above, Text Styles, Page Settings Scaling (Staff Space), etc. The only thing I have noticed that was not carried over in the Save/Load Style process is the Measure Numbers position.

I have just updated to Musescore 3.6.0. So I opened the first file and applied the new score style & fonts (Leland & Edwin). Then, in the first document, after updating to the new software version & fonts, I changed all the Style things mentioned above, including changing the Measure Numbers style settings to Vertical Placement: Below and Position Below: Y: 3.50sp. I then did a Save Style, creating a new .mss file. Viewing the text of my .mss file, it does contain the correct information: measureNumberPosBelow x="0" y="3.5".

Then, I open the second document, again updating to the new fonts, etc., and then do a Reset All Styles to Default, as recommended in the instructional video in order to get the new automatic spacing functionality. This sets the Measure Number positioning to Vertical Placement: Above, with the Position Below (Y) set to 2.00sp. Which is fine; I just told it to reset all styles. Then, after I do that, I go to Load Style and choose the file I just created. It makes a bunch of correct changes to the document. For the Measure Numbers, it changes the Vertical Placement to Below (which is correct) but changes Position Below (Y) to 1.00sp -- which is neither leaving it at the previous setting of 2.00 nor using the value saved in my .mss file of 3.5.


There was a change to measure number handling in 3.6 - it no longer scales with staff size - and this led to a change in how the offset is processed. A bug in this causes the offset to not survive save / reload properly, but this is fixed for 3.6.1. my guess is your issue here is related. If you attach your score and MSS files and steps to reproduce, I can test - or you can try downloading a nightly build to test for yourself.

Also a bug with applying styles to parts might be at play, that's fixed also for 3.6.1.

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Well, hopefully found and fixed. I can't be totally sure from your description if it's directly related to those issues or not., but it seems possible. 3.6.1 just came out today, so feel free to try again. And if you still see a problem, then please do follow up and attach the score along with precise steps to reproduce the issue. Then we can try to get it fixed for 3.6.2.

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